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Iris Did Nine Interviews for BBC Where She Talked about Chinese Language and Culture Education in the UK


15 October 2013


BBC arranged four days to focus on topics on China in acordence with the Chancellor George Osborne’s trip to China aimed at boosting economic links between the two countries.


Iris did nine interviews for BBC General News Service. On Tuesday in the new BBC Broadcasting House, she talked about Chinese language, culture and education in the UK.


Within two hours Iris did nine interviews with nine radio stations including COV & WAR, WORLD SERVICE,  SCOTLAND, SOMERSET, LANCASHIRE and LEICESTER  in which four are live broadcast.  The topics covered are:


How easy is Mandarin to learn?


How vital is it to speak Mandarin fluently if you’re doing business with China?


Is enough being done to prepare the next generation in the UK to understand Chinese culture and language?


How widespread is English teaching in China …and how does that compare to Mandarin teaching in the UK?


The producers’ feedback: “My colleague tells me you were brilliant. I have just listened back to your interviews and I agree. Thank you so much. You put real energy into it.”


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