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The Right Time, the Right Place and the Right People




To achieve great success we need to meet three conditions: the Right Time, the Right Place and the Right People. Two thousand years ago, Chinese ancient philosopher Mengzi believed: of the three conditions, the most important factor is the Right People.


An excellent business leader is the key to success in the business world. At Positive Speaking, we understand that having the Right Teacher is the key to learning Mandarin Chinese successfully.


Our teaching creates a positive impact to people and adds value to your business.


Our Chief Economist Andrey Kuznetsov’s blog. He uses the name Positive Economy to discuss how China economy brings positive impact into the world.

Comments by RuDao

Our adviser Gilbert Yang’s blog in the Economist to discuss current economic issues. He uses the name ‘RuDao’ which in Chinese means 'The way of Confucian philosophy'

Chinese Blog

Our founder Iris Cai’s blog to share her positive speaking and good findings while as a culture bridge to link the UK and China

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