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Positive Speaking Effective Business Communication with China

Successful Case Study

Hongbing Iris Cai, 蔡虹冰, Positive Speaking, China, Business

China Market strategic consulting for The Royal Mint.

Enhance effective business communication between UK and China.  


Hainsworth is a Royal Warren Textile with 230 years history. In 2012 We started to consult Hainsworth on exporting to China. We have successfully used creative translation and rebranded their Chinese brand. Within six month, we successfully brought their blankets to China high end Department store. We helped them to find distributors in China now their fabric is sold in high-end tailor-made man's fashion market across China. 


Vitali V is a Designer who is inspired by electronic schemes. His company designs fashion jewellery, art work and luxury porcelain. After signing with Positive Speaking we have put VitaliV in contact with Z-bird, the largest online diamond seller in China and helped VitaliV successfully entered China

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