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Iris’ Interview with China Central Television in London Business School. The topic is to support China President Xi Jinping visiting the UK.

18th October 2016

As a part of the featured report for President Xi’s visit to UK. Iris had an interview with China Central Television. 


Click the link for a view (in Chinese)


The report exhibits footage of Iris Cai, mandarin teacher at LBS, shared her experience of teaching mandarin and business Chinese culture at LBS from 2009.  The report presents LBS as one of the top business school that has started to value the importance of understanding China and cooperating with China.


Along with the interview to Prime Minister David Cameron, this report was rolling broadcasted for a whole day on China Central Television (CCTV) before and at the day of China President Xi arriving the UK.


The CCTV broadcasted this report on Sino-British cooperation in education and culture exchange. The Sino-British relations has been a heated topic in both countries recently and the authority has claimed it as the golden era for the relation between the two countries


China Central Television, commonly abbreviated as CCTV, is the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China. It is accessible to more than one billion viewers.

Iris Lectures in Global Masters in Management Program in London Business School

13rd September 2016

Following up a successful academic year of teaching the first group of GMiM (Global Masters in Management) Program, Iris Cai continues to Lecture a new group of students at the London Business School in the new autumn term in 2016.

The innovative course ‘Business in Chinese - Chinese Language and Culture for Elite People’ uses a combination of language, culture and Chinese ancient wisdom to provide insights and practical applications into conducting business with Chinese people. Iris’s profound teaching methods, introduces Chinese grammar with and through culture, helping students to build confidence and progress quickly. The topics covered include; Doing business in China include, Chinese ancient wisdom and philosophy, how traditional values influence management and cross cultural differences. The program will engage heavily on how to address these aspects in and out of business.

London Business School – consistently ranked in the world’s top five MBA schools – and top Chinese establishment Fudan University, Shanghai, are responding to a rising demand for talented people who understand how to do business in both the East and the West. The Global MiM is a two-year, full time course starting in September, where you attain two internationally recognised degrees: a Masters in Management (MiM) and a Masters in Science (MSc) in International Business. Year one takes place in London. Year two takes place in Shanghai.

Iris Lectures in Global Masters in Management program in London Business School

14th September 2015

Iris Cai Lectures ‘Business in Chinese - Chinese Language and Culture for Successful Business People’ in Global Masters in Management program in London Business School from Autumn term 2015.


With seven years teaching experience in the China Club of London Business School.  Iris has given over 200 lectures to MBA students. It has received positive feedback on the lecture and the course. Students describe Iris as a passionate, creative and diligent lecturer and the course as an informative, interesting, and inspiring one. 


This course uses a combination of language, culture and Chinese ancient wisdom to provide insights and practical applications into conducting business with Chinese people. Use innovative teaching methods, introduce Chinese grammar through culture. Help students to build confidence, speak confidently and progress quickly. 

The culture topics covered in the Ancient wisdom and philosophy and Doing business in China include: Chinese ancient wisdom and philosophy, how traditional values influence management and cross cultural differences including how to  address them. 


The culture topics include:

1. The Chinese view of Financial Planning

2. Fengshui- the art of placement: for home, office and public place

3. Win-Win Negotiation with Chinese 

4. Management consulting and Chinese traditional medicine theory

5. Brands creative translation: transfer positive impacts across language and 


6. The Art of War-Strategy and leadership

7. Internal Control and effortless management of Dao- the Way

8. China economic geography and the development trends 

9. Social media success in China 

10. Entrepreneurship in China   


London Business School – consistently ranked in the world’s top five MBA schools – and top Chinese establishment Fudan University, Shanghai, are responding to a rising demand for talented people who understand how to do business in both the East and the West.


Delivered jointly by London Business School and the renowned Fudan School of Management in Shanghai, the Global MiM gives you an unparalleled grounding in international business challenges preparing you for the opportunities of tomorrow.


The Global MiM is a two-year, full time course starting in September, where you 

attain two internationally recognised degrees: a Masters in Management (MiM) and a Masters in Science (MSc) in International Business. Year one takes place in London. Year two takes place in Shanghai.


4 March 2015

China-UK exchanges



World Insight 03/04/2015 China-UK exchanges


(total 4 minutes, Iris' talk from 2:10-3:35) ​



How to getting access to the Chinese market? This is the question faced by many British culture and creative companies. 


Iris believes bring Chinese culture to the UK help enhance British creativity, when bring them British creative company to China will also help China upgrade its own industries. 


Prince William visits China marks the beginning of the first ever year of the culture exchange between China and the UK. This year we will have more chance to see events and festivals exploring the new creative partnership.Hope it will boost our trade and know each other better. 


World Insight is a round-up of world news and current affairs including live cross-overs to opinion-formers and correspondents from every corner of the world.


China Central Television, commonly abbreviated as CCTV, is the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China. It is accessible to more than one billion viewers.

Iris attended the reception for Chinese New Year at 10 Downing Street

23rd February 2015

Iris Cai, the Director of Positive Speaking received an invitation from the Prime Minister to attend a reception for the Chinese New Year in 10 Downing Street on 23rd February 2015.


David Cameron delivered his speech at the celebration and displayed his recognition of the rise and success of modern China and the UK-China trading relationship at the reception for Chinese New Year. 


It is a true testimony of Iris’ positive influence of business Chinese culture promotion as well as the success of helping British companies to export to China.  


Chinese New Year 2015 reception - Prime Minister's speech: please see below link:

Iris’ talk on the BBC: Brand Creative Translation

17th February 2015

Iris Cai gave a talk on the BBC Local Radio station. The topic of discussion was ‘Brand Creative Translation from English to Chinese’.

A total of 101 British landmarks have been given Mandarin nicknames as part of VisitBritain’s £1.6m campaign to attract more tourists. Iris explained that Chinese people do in fact, like the idea of these British landmarks being assigned Chinese names, because they appreciate Britain’s understanding and respect for their language and cultural differences.

Iris talked about the localisation of doing business in China. Brand creative translation could help Chinese people to pronounce, remember and promote your brand. It could help you to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive business world.    


For example, Chinese people call The Big Ben, 大笨钟(da ben zhong) big stupid clock, and   Beckenham Palace 白金汉宫 (bai jin han gong) white gold man palace.

‘This has been an absolutely a sensational chat, I feel I know so much about your country and the way of words are puts together’, the BBC presenter Mark Forrest said on the program.

As a Chinese market expert, Iris helps British companies to export to China. She has many successful case studies of brand creative translations such as: Hainsworth, advising on the Royal Warrant textile fabric of the Nation to export to China. Also, Ravensbourne, helping with their innovation in digital media and design

Hainsworth英纺宝织(ying fang bao zhi)  Treasure textile made in elite country (UK)

Ravensbourne: 锐传(rui chuan) sharp media  


Please see link below for audio. (Iris' part is from the 27mins 30secs mark)  

BBC Local Radio Mark Forrest Show Book Swapping Tuesday 17th February. 

Iris series Speech in London Business School

10th February 2015

Iris Cai gives series lectures of Business Chinese culture in the China Club of London Business School 

She talked about Fengshui for business.  


Fengshui - The Art of Placement –for home, office and public place    


Why introduce Fengshui to business school students?


If you were a CFO of Asia Pacific Regional Office, would you approve the budget of your China office, allowing them to invite a Fengshui Master to participate to their office relocation project?


When Iris was a Finance Manager at MindShare (WPP Group) China, she used to lead the office relocation project. She was surprised to see a Fengshui Master getting involved with this project. Being open minded and respecting local customs, WPP’s practice in China was a good example for global business leaders.    


Fengshui was originally recorded in The Book of Changes. In this lecture, Iris will introduce the history of Fengshui; how it works today; its benefits, modern practises,how it influences our partnerships, careers financial prosperity and success.

When Fengshui is applied in the office, it could increase productivity, promote harmony among employees and raise business profitability. Organizations such as Citibank and The Wall Street Journal as well as successful business people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump are using Fengshui to enhance business and improve lives.


In a case study, Iris will share her experience of working with a Fengshui master; from choosing the right building, adjusting the internal design and layouts which resulted in enhancing the environment and productivity in an international company. 


You will have an overall big picture about Fengshui, and hopefully, using some simple Fengshui principles, improve your own living environment.


(Iris was invited to give this speech to The Urban Design Group London in June 2013)

Iris gave a Speech in Enterprise Nation

5th February 2015

Iris Cai joined Enterprise Nation to deliver a free webinar on how small businesses can successfully trade with China.

The webinar was hosted by Enterprise Nation founder, Emma Jones MBE, and is part of a series of Go Global events to help small businesses trade across borders that are supported by PayPal, UPS and HP.

With many successful case studies Iris discussed ten topics and gave practical advice specific for SMEs.  

At the end of the speech, SMES were further encouraged as they gained understanding about their contribution to the UK. 

I appreciate your passion and interest of doing business in China. Chinese people are looking forward to using your products to improve their lifestyle. I wish everyone success in their business. 

 Audiences gave positive feedback: This was a great webinar.

Spring term started in London Business School

3rd February 2015

Iris Cai started to give series lectures of Business Chinese culture in the Spring term from 3rd February 2015. 

Since January 2009, Iris Cai and her team have taught ‘Business in Chinese - Chinese Language and Culture for Successful Business People (beginner level)’ to MBA students in the China Club of London Business School.   

Each session consists of two parts: 1. Culture appreciation (45min) 2. Language learning (60) min

The culture topics covered in the Ancient wisdom and philosophy and Doing business in China include: Chinese ancient wisdom and philosophy, how traditional values influence management and cross cultural differences including how to address them. 

The topic in Spring term:

  • The Chinese view of Financial Planning

  • Fengshui- the art of placement: for home, office and public place

  • Win-Win Negotiation with Chinese 

  • Management consulting and Chinese traditional medicine theory

  • Brands creative translation: transfer positive impacts across language and culture   

  • The Art of War-Strategy and leadership

This course has been taught in the London Business School since January 2009 and has received a lot of positive feedback from students.


       Topic 1           The Chinese View of Financial Planning

        How traditional values influence Chinese economic management


China has performed well in the global economic crisis. What is the magic behind this? It is the people and their decisions that make the difference. Informative, interesting and given from the cultural history perspective, Hongbing Iris Cai’s lecture will be a good opportunity to learn more about the values that made China a strong economy. The lecture also discovers how these values have evolved to the modern day underpinning China’s increasing success and influence in the world.  


In this lecture Iris will address the cultural background and heritage that impact Chinese people. It covers:

1. Present Chinese traditional value and ancient wisdom of financial planning and attitude to money. The Book of Changes, Dao-The Way, Confucius philosophies.

2. Introduce economic philosophies that helped business people to achieve great success by getting the balance between profit and morality correct.

3. Discuss China’s modern economic development history.

4. Share five key core values of Chinese culture that contribute to the world.

5. Case study: the materials had been presented to an advertising agency of an international commercial bank and transformed into a series of marketing campaigns.     


Students gave positive feedback: ‘I attended your class yesterday and it was a great experience. I look forward to future classes.’  

Positive Speaking works with The Royal Mint attended The 2014 Beijing International Coin Exposition

24th October 2014

As the China market strategic consultant of the Royal Mint, Iris Cai from Positive Speaking, attended The 2014 Beijing International Coin Exposition on October 24th -26 at the Beijing International Conference Centre.  

The Royal Mint participated in the Expo, has brought a series of coinage boutique, showing the cultural heritage of the Royal Mint in more than 1000 years of history. Its superb technology, innovative design, rich culture, history, advancing with the times and internationalisation strategy bring a unique style and inspiration for the China coins market.

The Royal Mint attaches great importance to the exhibition in Beijing. With the Sino British diplomatic relations ushered in the best period in history, cultural exchange economy in English and ushered in a new period of development. In recent years in the UK, Chinese culture has had a huge impact. 

In June this year, Premier Li Keqiang visited the UK, the British Prime Minister sent the Royal Mint lunar "Chinese horse coin" as a state ceremony, presented to the Premier Li Keqiang to show esteem and respect to the Chinese traditional culture.


2014年北京国际钱币博览会于10月24日-26日在北京国际会议中心举行。本届博览会是在中国举办的第十七届大型国际性钱币专业展会,为中外钱币界的文化和商贸交流合作搭建一个和谐、开放、多元、互动的平台,对促进中国文化与世界文化的融合,推动中国钱币事业的健康发展发挥积极作用。 英国皇家造币厂参加了此次博览会,带来了一系列的铸币精品,展示了英国皇家造币厂1000多年历史的文化传承。其精湛的工艺,创新的设计,丰富的文化,厚重的历史,以及与时俱进,国际化的战略,为中国的钱币市场带来独特的风格和启发。




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