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Positive Speaking Effective Business Communication with China

Positive Coaching

Hongbing Iris Cai, 蔡虹冰, Positive Speaking, China, Business

Positive Coaching


Empower you to make positive changes

and achieve positive results

by taking positive actions


Would you or your team benefit from professional support to achieve your goals quicker than you do by yourselves?   


Iris is a professional Personal Performance Coach and Business Coach as well as a NLP Practitioner.  Praised as 'Ideal Coach' by her clients, Iris' coaching services cover the following areas:


Personal Performance Coaching

Coaching for Corporate and Executive

Coaching for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Coaching for Education


Iris uses coaching and NLP tools to help people to identify their limiting patterns of thought and behaviour which hold them back in reaching their full potential. Iris guides clients toward a more positive, proactive approach towards problem solving, and achieve their goals.


Below are expressions from the feedback that I have received  


Kind and thoughtful temperament

Creating a very supportive and trusting environment

Positivity, adaptability and rigorous approach


Iris is the member of The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming






The coaching sessions I have taken with Iris Cai have had a big impact on my professional and personal life.


Iris has helped me to identify limiting patterns of thought and behaviour which were holding me back in reaching my full potential in a number of areas.


She has gently guided me towards a more positive, proactive approach towards problem solving.


She has been particularly good at helping me to identify new business opportunities and has shown me on how to build deep relationships with Chinese clients.


Iris has a kind and thoughtful temperament which makes her an ideal coach.


I would recommend her to people working internationally, particularly to clients who wish to develop a deeper understanding of psychology and at the same time expand their business horizons.


  Duncan Bartlett, Editor, Asian Affairs magazine, former BBC Correspondent


Working with Iris is amazing because of her ambitious, confident and passionate personality. Her charisma invites trainees’ trust in her professionalism and her warm heart defines her training  focusing on trainees’ needs.

For me, the magic of laying out a detailed step-by-step plan for achieving my goals is applicable for my current study as well as future career development. I should strongly recommend Iris to anyone with an open mind willing to achieve personal goals and embrace a positive life attitude.        


A PHD student from Kings College London  

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